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November 4th
Recorded Sessions
November 3rd - 4th, 2021
Opening session
Welcome and short conference - Internationalization: Key considerations and challenges
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Research Seminar 2
Entrepreneurship in the University: from the idea to application in the development of Biomaterials
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Research Seminar 4
Implants for geriatric patients and Caries management in older adults
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Research Seminar 6
Implementation science: structuring public health service aligned with early detection of oral cancer
Research Seminar 1
Life course theory and methodology in oral health 
- The role of thoughts and behaviour in oral health and diseas
Research Seminar 3
Artificial Intelligence as a diagnostic and research tool in Dentistry
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Research Seminar 5
The impact of technological advancement on current research
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Poster presentation session
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Closing and Posters Award Session
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